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This is Oscar tour company, ready to give you the best tour you ever got.
Oscar Brown Daley

I was born in Limon Costa Rica. All my life I lived in Limon. My father's Adolfo Brown Grant who I learned my trade from, he was one of the first taxi owners in this town. And my mother is Carmen Brown; who thought me to be such a nice person.

I am father of 5 kids, and this is the reason why I have to work so hard.

I drove a taxi for 25 years. For 12 years I have been offering different tours. I love to take people around and show them the beauty of this town. I always do my best to help the people who contact me to have a great day, a great tour, and to take back great memories from this lovely town, and any other place in Costa Rica.

Just come and try a tour with my company, and you will see for your self why people talk so much about OSCAR BROWN TOURS.